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What Colors Are Trending, 2019?

It’s hard to believe that it is this time of year again.  Year in reviews have been published and the next hot trends are being predicted. Color is arguably the most prominent aspect of design and undoubtedly influences almost all spaces that surround us in our lives. We have done some digging to find the most current trends in order to keep you in-the-know on 2019 colors.

2019 Color Trends

Color Trends: Muted Earth

We have seen it all, haven’t we? From the brown and beige era to the gray bandwagon, and, most recently, a rustic obsession with the ‘modern farmhouse’, we have gone around the design circle and likely back again. One by one these color palettes painted our homes and, at last, were updated to the next style craze to take over the country.  So, what’s next?

From what we have found and what our clients are beginning to ask for, we will nickname the incoming colors: Muted Earth.  Perhaps because people’s lives have become unusually busy and chaotic, or the fact that we have depleted our homes of most color in the last couple of years, but the trend is changing.  Think beautiful, nature inspired colors, softened with the kiss of a warm haze. Color combinations that have been perfectly swirled into mixes like gray-lilac, frothy-blush, soft-grape, foggy-aqua, and burnt-clay.

Colors of the Year: 2019

Homes appear to be moving away from the whites and grays (with, of course, a touch of reclaimed wood), to the warm, comfortable and approachable warmth of color. Nothing too bright, nothing too alarming, but just bold enough to speak to your eyes and ease your stress. Sherwin Williams was one of the first we saw release their new South-West inspired, Cavern Clay, as the 2019 Color of the Year. With beautiful, full-bodied, warm, yet soothing tones, Cavern Clay could easily grace the walls of most any room in your home.

Behr is now on to year two of having Color of the Year selections that fall in this ‘muted’ category of color. Both blue-green colors have been absolutely scrumptious.  In 2018 ‘In the Moment’ won the award and 2019’s choice follows similar tones with ‘Blueprint’ winning the prize. Behr has now even curated a palette titled ‘Down to Earth’, you can check it out here.

The local newspaper, The Columbus Dispatch, has even published the idea of homes becoming ‘cozy cocoons’ with shades of green and natural elements. Doesn’t sound like such a bad place to come home to, does it?

Get Painting and Add Some Color

We are giddy with excitement to start cracking open paint cans and watch these velvety soft colors go up on the walls.  Who knows, maybe even on the ceiling? ….we will talk about that trend in another post because colored ceilings are making a comeback too!

If you go bold by adding color back in your space, please email us a picture so we can showcase your work!

Happy Painting!

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