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Painting may seem like such a straight forward and simple trade, but it is so much more than painting trim and rolling paint on a wall. When you think about the impact a new space can have on your mood, your joy, your sense of comfort and your well-being, you start to understand what a luxury trade painting really is. Owning a painting company is a way for me to have a direct impact on my community, my clients and my team that extends far beyond the act of applying paint on a wall.

I pride my business on ‘creating spaces worth sharing’ because building camaraderie and sharing in memorable experiences is what I find myself doing in and out of the business. When not setting up estimates and supporting our amazing crew, I am fortunate to be a varsity girls basketball coach at one of our local Grove City high schools. The opportunity to influence the next generation to see their potential, grow together as a team, and learn consistent, dedicated work ethic is a motivating experience.

Although I love being in a field that allows me to positively impact those around me and to form long lasting relationships, the painting industry was not an off the wall idea for me to join. I grew up with an amazing single-mom who was passionate about decorating, and re-decorating our home. Having experienced constant weekends of putting wallpaper up, taking wallpaper down, and spreading the next hot color on the wall, right alongside my mom, my drive to create and provide such spaces to others in our community was fueled. After flipping a couple of houses, gaining experience working with investors, managing the logistics of large projects, and expanding my confidence in taking on the business world, No Drip Painting was born.

It has been an amazing journey since No Drip Painting got started and we can’t wait to add your space to the next part of our story.

Happy Painting!

Michal Cheney

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