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What Color should I Paint my Master Bedroom?

Light and airy appears to be the name of the game lately when it comes to master bedrooms.  The title of this post may suggest that there is actually a correct answer, but, of course, nothing is ever that straight forward.

Best color for a master bedroom

There is no right or wrong way to decorate or paint your home, each of those are an opportunity for you to make choices, take risks, and reflect a bit of you in the space you call home. In this article we can at least share with you some of the light and airy trends we see popping up all through our clients’ homes.

Did you know-white isn’t just white?

We have been painting tons of master bedrooms (and bathrooms) light, bright and white, but what if I told you white isn’t just white? Really, there is no such thing.  If you don’t believe me just walk into your local paint store, go over to the paint chips, and prepare to be blown away.  There are easily 30-40 different ‘whites’ to choose from.  And, as crazy as it may seem, choosing the right white is critical.  Just like any color, ‘white’ ranges from cold and blindingly bright, to soft and subtle, and extends even to some options that offer a much more warm and creamy look.

Here are a few of the colors we are seeing (and loving) in master suites.

NOTE: All of the colors you will see here are Sherwin Williams colors, our brand of choice; however, if you fall in love with one and want to try it out, most all paint stores can color match with brands that they don’t sell.

Dover White

Dover White is a very soft and soothing tone.  Nothing is too bright or overwhelming about this color choice. Dover  White offers a nice, clean space and even looks great on an entire trim package for a home.

High Reflective White

You are probably quickly starting to notice the contrast in what would generically be called ‘white’.  In stark contrast to the Dover White, High Reflective White is modern, bright and boldly absent of any depth of color.  It may scare you to go this light, but compliment your room with rich wood tones, dark gray trim, or brightly patterned linens and you will be in love.


Truly a designer favorite-Snowbound. When I said a white could be warm, this is it.  A beautifully simple, yet sophisticated white. Pair this with the oh so popular ‘griege’ colors that are out there now, or a deep purple bed ensemble and you will fall away to deep relaxation. Our friend, and local interior designer, loves this color.  Check out some of her beautiful work at Change My Place.

White’s not your thing? Consider going gray!

It is no surprise at this point, but gray is the new black.  Seriously, people are painting their nails gray, dying their hair gray, and I think even wearing gray contact lenses! I know this isn’t an article about clothing and personal style trends; however, those trends often aren’t too far from what is considered ‘in-style’ within homes.  Gray paint is going on just about everything these days; headboards, furniture, bedding and throws, and obviously on the walls. Gray can be dark and rich, timeless and airy, or as cool and silvery as you would like.  Below are a few of our recent gray picks.

Light French Gray

Hands down, no questions asked, Light French Gray is the most popular gray we have been using. Beautiful at it’s full color potential, and possibly even more timeless if mixed at 50%, Dover White is an absolute favorite. We’ve used this on walls, trim and dressers before and every time it is has show stopping results. Classic, not too light, not too dark, and the perfect unforgettable gray!

Knitting Needles

Knitting Needles has been a fun one to apply. With it’s soothing medium tone it is definitely a popular choice. Accent this in your master bedroom with fresh white trim and doors and maybe even a tone on tone bedding selection (a mix of lighter grays and creams, throw in some darker gray blankets or duvet covers) or add pops of bright blues and greens and we are confident your room will become irresistible to you.

Gauntlet Gray

By far the deepest gray of our top picks, but it is nothing to be scared of. Gauntlet Gray makes a beautiful accent color to your master bedroom. Consider painting it on the wall behind a tall, upholstered headboard, or behind a wall with a large mirror and watch as it becomes just the right hint of gray your room needed.

NOTE: we most recently used it in a room that was painted Light French Gray and did 1 accent wall of Gauntlet Gray-it looked stunning.

White and gray are certainly not the only colors we are applying, but these are just a few of the trends we are seeing homeowners love in their master retreats and we hope it gives you some inspiration to make your room a dream.  NDP is always happy to help you with color selections or connect you with a local designer for a FREE color consultation.

Happy Painting!

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