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Common Questions About Paint

Take a deep breath. We are here to help answer your paint questions. There is no doubt that walking into a busy paint store and navigating aisles of paint products, tools and supplies can feel like an overwhelming trip to the store.  You have questions to get answered about the line of paint to choose, the sheen to pick and what color to go with, but you don’t even know where to begin.  We have heard this time and time again. Don’t worry! Here we will work to answer a few of the most common paint questions.


Do I save money if I purchase the paint?

From time to time homeowners will flood our email with information on the special bucket deals and 40% savings weekends at Sherwin Williams in an effort to cut down the cost of their project.  Sometimes they recommend we go use that savings and purchase their paint on that one specific weekend, and sometimes they question if they will save money by making the trip to the store themselves.

The answer, in very generic and straight forward terms, is no. At No Drip Painting, and most all reputable paint companies, you are actually saving the most money by letting the company purchase the paint.  The reason for this is, the quantity and rate at which the company purchases paint allows for them to negotiate and receive better pricing as an organization.


What paint do I use?

Unless a rare circumstance arises and another brand is requested, No Drip Painting almost exclusively paints with Sherwin Williams products.  There are really four very simple questions you need to ask yourself when choosing paint.

  1. Do I need interior or exterior paint?
  2. What is the surface material in which the paint will be applied?
  3. Has this surface been painted before? (this will help determine if priming is necessary)
  4. Are there special requirements based on this space? (i.e high moisture area, heavily shaded portion of exterior, high traffic area of the house, etc.)

The answer to these questions will help you walk in to the paint store and easily get directed to the product that works best for your needs.

Below are common paint lines we use here at No Drip Painting.

Interior primer and ceiling paint: Sherwin Williams CHB

Interior Walls: Sherwin Williams SuperPaint or Emerald

Interior woodwork/vanities/cabinets: Sherwin Williams Pro Classic or Emerald Urethane

Exterior projects: Sherwin Williams Superpaint or Resilience (if being used on a damp or potentially rainy day)


What sheen am I supposed to use?

There isn’t so much a right or wrong answer to this anymore.  It seems like ‘back in the day’ it was necessary to avoid ever using flat paint in your home, and high moisture areas required a gloss finish.  No longer is this true.  Sheen is really a personal preference; do you want a flat/matte look? Or, do you like a little shine to your walls?  Below we will list some typical sheen choices for various rooms; however, do know that the choice is all yours.  Sherwin Williams even makes a washable Flat these days (in their Emerald line of paint) that gives great coverage, limits the look of wall imperfections and is 100% washable.

Bedrooms: Egshel/Velvet/Satin/Low Lustre

Bathrooms: Egshel/Satin

Trim/Doors: Semi-gloss

Front Door: Semi-gloss OR Matte or Gloss if you want a dramatic look on either end of the sheen spectrum

Ceilings: Flat


Why do multiple colors cost more money? Isn’t it the same amount of paint?

This is a question we get often and happily spend time answering for our clients.  Any painter will tell you-some of the things that take the most time on a project are thorough prep work and the necessary time to adequately clean up and take care for their tools. This is the very reason that switching between multiple colors on a project will cost the homeowner more money.  When painters have to stop active painting during a job to clean tools, wash roller covers, empty paint pans, open new colors and prepare for a color change it takes time.  Time, of course, always equates to money.


We hope this helps answer a few of your most thought about paint questions.


Happy Painting!



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