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Deck the Halls (or Walls): Holiday Painting Updates

This title seems quite appropriate as it appears that the first round of snow could be headed towards Ohio as early as next week and our Facebook is already covered in families putting up their holiday decorations.  Not only is our Facebook covered with holiday cheer, but take a look at what we walked into at the office on Monday morning. When the office got locked up on Friday the owner of our building still had up ghosts and goblins…then Monday rolled around and there was a full-scale Christmas scene outside our window.  Nonetheless, the holiday season is upon us and paint can be the perfect backdrop for your seasonal fun.

Christmas at the Office 2018, Grove City, OH

Stockings Hung by the (Painted) Fire with Care

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, why not change it up and update the look? Using a ‘wash’ technique can help freshen up brick and tone down any unwanted bright red or orange colors.

Gray Wash fireplace. Chillicothe, OH
Washed Fireplace, Chillicothe OH


For this project in Chillicothe, Ohio we had the privilege of transforming this home’s fireplace with a gray wash. Layers of gray paints applied in a diluted fashion achieved a beautiful rustic finish.  Once the custom wood mantle is installed, just imagine the stockings all lined up for the holidays.

Lighten Up Your Holiday Gathering Space

Where does your family gather during the Winter months? Is it in the kitchen with delicious food simmering away? Or is it in the family room, under cozy blankets on the couch? Wherever it is, this is the room you may consider lightening up and breathing fresh life into before the family begins arriving. Light and bright may not match your initial thought for a long season of indoor hibernation, but look at just how beautiful and inviting a clean space can be? Not to mention, the light colors allows for your holiday pillows, decor, and ornaments be the start of the space!

Family Room, Upper Arlington OH


Make Your Display Shelves Beautiful

This is the time of year where childhood keepsakes get unpacked and displayed. Holiday signs, pictures and statues are also getting their chance to be seen again. Don’t you want these items to be enjoyed and spark wonderful emotions and memories? Of course you do! So take it one step further and make your display shelves beautiful also.


Custom Spray Built-in. Columbus, OH.
Two Story Custom-Sprayed Built-in. Italian Village, Columbus, OH.


Built-ins, cabinets and custom woodwork paint jobs are among some of our very favorite.  Not to mention, they are some of the biggest ‘wow-factor’ transformations. Above is one of our very memorable custom built-ins that spanned two floors of it’s Italian Village new-build home.


Accent Your Holiday Wreath with New Stain

Winter wreaths are a warm and inviting way to welcome guests into your home throughout the Winter months. Several months back we had the opportunity to help a local couple refinish their front door to match a new wood garage door that had been installed.  With a little time and attention to detail your door can look brand new.  Finished off with several layers of polyurethane, this door is ready to shine and accent a beautiful holiday wreath!

Stain and Re-finished Door. Columbus, OH
Re-finished Door, Columbus, OH.

Enjoy the Holiday Season-Love your Home!

No Drip Painting believes so deeply that ‘home’ is more than just a place.  Home is a reflection of you, the visual representation of your personality and style and the ultimate place to be proud of. No matter what you decide to do in the coming weeks to prepare for the joyful chaos of the holidays, make sure to enjoy this time and love your home!


Stay Warm…and Happy Painting!

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