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Industry Involvement is Key: NARI Members


Previous posts have talked about everything from finding a quality contractor to expectations of a quality estimate, and even steps on becoming a strong trade partner.  In each of these processes, quality was key.  In each of these, communication was also key.  Most importantly, in each of these, relationships were key.

Painting, and construction as a whole, is an industry of many.   A project is not completed with one contractor or one sub-contractor. Building relationships, leveraging a network of experienced professionals, and being willing to be held accountable are all pieces of the ‘success’ pie in this business.  We placed ourselves in a position of growth and accountability when we joined NARI over a year ago.  We are excited to share with you how that decision has supported the No Drip Painting journey.

What is NARI?

NARI’s origination took a few different forms and names between 1935 and 1980 before it landed as it is today, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Our local chapter, NARI of Central Ohio, was formed in 1985 and strives to raise the bar for contractors and remodelers in the Central Ohio region.  The organization is filled with members that represent companies that complete work in interior design, plumbing, flooring, home building, granite/stone installation, painting, and many, many more. It is a group of professionals that represent just about every element of service you would ever need throughout the home remodeling process.  NARI promotes professional conversation, collaboration amongst members, and the sharing of knowledge from folks that have years upon years of experience.

Industry Questions and Answers

The world of skilled and licensed trades can often feel like a never-ending competition. You try to find advantages over your ‘competitors’ all of the time.  How can you give better pricing? How can your schedule be more flexible and accommodating for clients? How can your product and customer experience out rank all of the others? These are just a few of the endless questions a business owner will likely be faced with. We feel that there are two simple answers to these questions. Get INVOLVED in your industry (don’t just try to dominate it) and get EDUCATED in your industry. NARI members get the opportunity to do both of these things.

NARI Industry Education

Two of the greatest assets in this industry are a sense of understanding and respect.  It is known that everyone has a job to get done, but without understanding the interplay between trades and craftsmen and having a deep appreciation and respect for one another’s work, little collaboration can occur (at least successfully and peacefully).

NARI offers monthly member meetings that are both social and educational in nature.  A pre-selected topic is covered in depth by an expert in the field at each one of these meetings.  We have been a part of presentations ranging from window design and installation, to large-scale tile options that have recently hit the market.

While we may never engage directly with either of these in our world of painting, we can expand our appreciation of the design process, the totality of an experience our customers may be going though during a remodel, and respect for fellow tradesmen that we may follow on a job site. A rich understanding of industry options and current trends only enriches our conversations with potential clients and adds to our industry credibility. This is by far one of the best reasons for joining the NARI network of professionals.

NARI Involvement

Whether we are seeking to volunteer our time on committees or take part of marketing opportunities, NARI has it all when it comes to industry involvement. Each monthly member meeting provides an opportunity for members to network, share stories, pick one another’s brain and market their company to fellow contractors.  The benefit of NARI involvement is that members have been vetted through the application process and you know right away that you are talking with fellow companies of integrity, quality and professionalism. At No Drip Painting we value the time and effort it takes to build quality relationships and we are so thankful to NARI for jump-starting some of those bonds through frequent meetings, intentional connection building and meaningful events.

We look forward to many more years of building connections, supporting fellow trades in the field, and continuing to be a part of making Central Ohio beautiful through paint!




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