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Cabinet Painting In Columbus, Ohio

If you have ever looked into a kitchen remodel then you will know it comes with a hefty price tag. Maybe you can’t take on a full remodel with new cabinets, counter tops and appliances, but how about considering painting your kitchen cabinets.

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Products for Kitchen Cabinets

Painting your cabinets can be one of the easiest way to update your kitchen. Unlike with pre-finished factory painted cabinets, there is no limitation when it comes to colors or sheens. Instead, you can choose any color or sheen your heart desires.

The products and process used to paint kitchen cabinets is what will ultimately determine the quality and durability. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for which is why it is imperative high quality products are used when painting cabinets. The other important component that is right up there with quality products is the prep-work.

Best Paint for Cabinets

We choose to paint our cabinets with products supplied by our friends at Sherwin Williams. Here’s list of our go-to products we believe to be the most durability and best suited for kitchen cabinets.

Best Primer for Kitchen Cabinets

Bonding Primer for Kitchen Cabinets

The main function of this product is to create a surface acceptable to coat with paint. The bonding component in this primer allows the primer to adhere to glossy surfaces, like the surface of cabinets. This primer coat is key to the overall durability of the finish coats.

Helpful Tip: If you plan to paint your cabinets a dark color then consider tinting your primer.

Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

Emerald Urethane by Sherwin Williams

Our number one choice for the finish coats is Emerald Urethane by Sherwin Williams. We choose this paint when painting cabinets because of the hard durable finish. This product is water based and easy to work with, unlike oil based products. Emerald Urethane can stand up to the normal wear and tear cabinets often get and can easily be cleaned.

Keeping quality at the forefront, at No Drip Painting we spray our all our finishes so the end result is perfection!

Want to learn more about our process and see if your cabinets are a fit for painting? Below you can schedule a consultation with one of our expert designers.

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