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Michal Cheney - Owner

Michal Cheney


Michal Cheney, the visionary behind No Drip Painting, is revolutionizing lives through the transformative power of paint. With an unwavering commitment to making a difference in the painting industry, she has spearheaded initiatives that provide a flourishing environment for women to excel. Through her remarkable Paint-It-Forward program, Michal and team show their generosity by giving back to the community. Above all, the company’s core value of kindness serves as a compass, guiding their every decision. Additionally, Michal serves as the host of the renowned industry podcast “Women In Paint” proudly featured on the PCA platform.
Katy Potokar - Sr. Project Manager

Katy Potokar

Sr. Project Manager

Katy Potokar is our Senior Project Manager, embodying much more than just a title. She champions one of our core missions: delivering an exceptional customer experience. Through her unwavering commitment to excellence, Katy has elevated our team’s professionalism and customer-focused approach, making us a formidable presence in the industry. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures our projects are flawlessly executed, leaving our clients delighted with the results. Beyond her contributions to our company, Katy also serves our country with distinction as a member of the United States Army. We are honored to have her on our team.
Cheney Owens - Project Manager

Cheney Owens

Project Manager

Cheney Owens is our resident artist. While her primary role is being a Project Manager, she also leads our Decorative Finishes team. Cheney’s artistic vision and keen eye for detail have positioned us as leaders in finishes such as limewash, mineral wash, Venetian glaze, and lime slurry. When she isn’t infusing projects with her creative touch, Cheney excels in organizing our teams, executing projects, and upholding our high standards to exceed our customer expectations. Her dedication ensures that every project not only meets but surpasses client satisfaction.
Kara Mercer - Estimator

Kara Mercer


Kara Mercer is driven by her passion for leadership and empowering women, making her an inspiring force within our team. Every week, she spearheads our “Empowerment Moment” during team meetings, fostering a culture of support and growth. With an extensive background in sales, Kara is an invaluable asset to our sales team. Her deep understanding of connection and relationship-building sets her apart, and she is renowned for her ability to “get it done,” solidifying her essential role in our company.
Arabella June - Office Manager

Arabella June

Office Manager

Arabella June is our dedicated Office Manager, ensuring everything runs smoothly at our office. When you call to schedule an estimate or ask a paint-related question, Arabella is here to assist. She takes care of our team and always ensures we have everything we need—no easy task! With years of experience in the painting industry, she is also one of our team’s product specialists.
Anthony Pichardo - Project Manager

Anthony Pichardo

Project Manager

Anthony, our staining expert, hails from a family of painters and brings invaluable experience to our team. His keen eye for detail and project management skills ensure top-quality results from start to finish. Bilingual in English and Spanish, Anthony enhances communication and connection within our diverse team. Outside of work, he is passionate about making music, a pursuit we proudly support.
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