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How to Prepare for My Painting Estimate

You took the first step and we couldn’t be more excited!  We look forward to meeting with you for your scheduled painting estimate and we want to make sure you get all the information you need from us during our time together.  Take a few moments to read through a few of our favorite tips in order to best prepare for your painting estimate.

Estimate Appointment: The Big Picture

When our estimator arrives to your home they will guide you in nailing down details through intentional question asking and active listening; however, in order to begin, a starting point always helps.  Spend some time thinking through what you would like painted. It never hurts to have a list of the areas, rooms, or items in your home that you would like to see transformed through paint. Do not limit yourself in this list. If you have ‘wish-list’ items, go ahead and mention it at your estimate so proper measurements and pictures can be taken.

At No Drip Painting, we understand that budget factors into the size of home projects for many of our clients, no need to worry about that! Let us know all of your wishes and let us price it out so you have a good reference moving forward.

Show Us Your Inspiration

Your estimate appointment is just as much about hammering out specifics as it is about discussing your inspiration and the dreams you have for your home.  We would love it if you show us around some of your favorite rooms in your home and share with us pictures of magazines/Pinterest/decor that speak to your style. Knowing the root of your inspiration and the vision you see, your estimator can get an idea about the types of products appropriate for your desired results, color schemes you may be drawn to, and the necessary order of work completion if you have multiple home projects occurring.

Look Over Your Schedule

Obviously we will not look to schedule your project until you have received ample time to review your quote and determined that the price and details fulfill everything you were seeking, but scheduling discussions can start at the time of your estimate. In fact, the estimate appointment is a great time to discuss schedules, timeframes and deadlines. These conversations will support your estimator in giving you accurate information and ensuring your wishes can be met.

Access and/or Restrictions

In order to keep your project moving along efficiently once your estimate has been accepted, it is helpful to know in advance the time(s) of day that our crew could arrive to your home and/or specific days that you would prefer the crew to remain off site. No Drip Painting can work to be quite flexible in order to accommodate homeowner needs; however, the process and planning is much smoother if everyone is on the same page from the very beginning.

The Million Dollar Question-What Color Do You Want?

Don’t worry, you don’t actually need the answer to this question! Isn’t it crazy how difficult the idea of ‘color’ becomes once you have to lock in on a decision? We understand!

Simply take a few moments before your estimate to develop an idea of the colors you like, dislike, any accent walls you are wanting, etc.. It is important for use to understand at the time of the estimate how many different colors you are looking to add to the space, not so much the name of the color, so an accurate price can be factored.

This appointment is also a great time to share with your estimator if you are at a loss when it comes to color selections.  After we receive your acceptance on the estimate, we would love to send an interior designer to you for a free, one-hour color consultation.

Learn About No Drip Painting

We understand that you have the opportunity to seek out a variety of painting companies and we thank you for the opportunity to earn your business! We are in this line of work because we believe in the power of loving your home and we want to be a small part of that process with you.  Loving your space, sharing a room that you are proud of, and having a home that brings you joy is a powerful thing. Our goal is to provide to you unmatched customer service and a seamless experience from start to finish.

We would be honored if you looked through our Facebook, Instagram, or website gallery to learn more about our company and view a few our past and current projects.

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