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Exterior Painting: Grandview, Ohio

We don’t like to toot our own horn over here at No Drip Painting (at least not too often), but this was a GREAT project and we are excited to share it with you.  It was great, not just because of the paint result, but because of the collaborative journey we took with the homeowners.  We are pleased to walk down memory lane with this Grandview, OH exterior project.

House painted, Cityscape by Sherwin Williams
After picture. Front of house painted Cityscape by Sherwin Williams.

As we are often part of a team of sub-contractors on a home remodel project, we do not usually get to communicate directly with homeowners about their wants, needs and concerns. Those details are usually hammered out between the client, architect and builder. In this particular case we were privileged to get to know the clients and communicate with them frequently.

The homeowners on this Morning Avenue project, if I remember correctly, have owned their house for about 7 years.  As their family grew, the need for additional space became and obvious must-have.  The couple embarked upon a several month long renovation of their home. This project included a two-story addition, a new kitchen, mud-room, bathroom, new fixtures, decor and a full paint job. We completed their interior painting a while back, but jumped on the outside as our first exterior job of 2019.

The Work Began

With new Hardie plank siding, trim and windows installed, there was quite a process required in regards to prepping and caulking all the necessary exterior elements.  Our attention stayed focused on these items before paint ever hit the surface.

Once prep work was completed, we began thinking and discussing color.  An amazing realization unfolded as we winded our way through color preferences and tones for this home. We believe at No Drip Painting that what we do can change lives. Our work has the opportunity to directly improve the lives of our painters and our clients. In this particular case, color was a very powerful and personal decision.

When we started conversations, the wife was convinced her house was going to be painted yellow.  Years back, when the couple purchased their home, it was yellow. Not only was it yellow, it was the only house on the block that was yellow and it was special.  This unique element instilled a sentimental feeling in her and left her with a sense of ‘home’ when she saw her yellow house. Nevertheless, together we chose a shade of yellow.

Quickly we ran in to a few hiccups.

Solving Problems: Exterior Paint Differences

The first problem encountered was a concern with the yellow color match.  If you don’t know, the color yellow, and especially pale yellow, can prove very difficult in exterior paints.  The composition and base selections for exterior paints are different than interior. With that, getting down to a very light color can often be skewed from what you see on a fan deck or color chip.

exterior house painting. selecting a yellow color for the house and painting trim.
Grandview, OH. Before picture of house. Trim is getting painted white while color decision is made on body of house.

We attempted to overcome the color issue by ordering a line of Sherwin Williams’ Resilience that comes in a yellow base. Our rep then had to go through a tedious process of lightening the base (usually you darken a base) to the most accurate version possible.  We went through several attempts and were still off by a good % each time. When we got as close as possible we showed the sample to the homeowner, got her approval and started painting.

….and we quickly came to a screeching halt! The color was so light, yet bright at the same time, it almost looked highlighter yellow when the sun reflected off of it.

Is Yellow Really What You Want?

After attempt number one we engaged in more color decisions with the homeowner and it was such a pleasure to do so.  What unraveled in these discussions was the wife’  sentiment she felt towards the house’s original color. The funny part was-she realized she didn’t even actually like the color yellow, but her house simply had always been that color and it felt ‘right’.

Through several discussions with the couple we decided to try gray.  The first requirement of the homeowner-‘nothing too dark.’ Thus we found three or four beautiful, light gray samples and put them up. Nope. No winner there. On second thought, the homeowner wanted to go dark. That is exactly what we did and a winner was found. Sherwin Williams’ color Cityscape was selected and we got right to work.

Grandview, OH. House before paint. Yellow. Changing to a Gray.
Grandview, OH. Before picture of house.

A Gorgeous Change

We think the results do all the talking. This exterior came to life, made a statement on the block, and brought a strong sense of pride to the clients.  At No Drip Painting we love paint, of course, but our mission is to do much more than paint. We strive to build long lasting relationships and consistently provide an unmatched service in the painting industry.  We enjoyed every minute of this collaboration and hope that the clients are left with a sense of joy and love for their new home. It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of helping these clients find exactly what was right for their newly renovated home!

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