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Growing Your Painting Business With Facebook

Whether you like it or not, social media is here to stay.  It took me a long time to get acquainted with social media, but I am now seeing the direct impact it has on my painting business.  This post will only scratch the surface of some things you should be doing on Facebook to grow your painting business.

Ask for Likes

Getting likes on Facebook for a painting business can help establish credibility for your company. By doing this, it appears to others that you have created a trustworthy business (and hopefully you have) and thus have gained the support of the Facebook community.  These likes will also allow those who follow you to see what you are up to. Even though FB has recently changed how many people see these posts, a business can still get traction from this, especially if the posts are shared.

In addition to building credibility, gaining a community of followers and consistently putting content in front of them helps to keep you ‘top of mind’. It is okay if your followers don’t need painting now, or even in the next year, but the idea is that you keep your name in front of them often so if/when they need a painter-you are the only company they think of.


Your social media platforms are a great way to share what your brand is about.  If you are just getting started in business you might not have a clear vision of your brand, that is okay.  It took me time to discover what No Drip Painting is about. If you are still searching then just share things that are important to you.  This could come in the form of sharing the posts of others, posting an inspirational quote or sharing pictures that highlight the tools and people essential in the function of your business.

Post Lots of Pictures

At No Drip Painting we post pictures for almost every job we do.  I encourage you to only use pictures with good lighting and ones that display your craft clearly.  A bad picture can unfortunately make people think you do not do great work, even if that is not the case.  Once you get consistent with posting pics then try to infuse creativity by snapping cool angles and adding filters.  The frequency at which you post is also important for two reasons:

  1. It lets people know you are serious about your business.  I often scope out Facebook pages of companies that started posting and then fell off for a significant period of time.  In my opinion, this speaks to their organization, follow-through and communication.
  2. It can build team morale! Most team members love seeing pictures of their work in the spotlight so by posting frequently you are constantly honoring their hard work.

Post Videos

Videos work well for the painting industry because it gives your local community a good insight to the work you do and what sets you apart.  For example, a video showing your lead painter climbing a 40 foot ladder and executing beautiful spraying has a different impact than a still picture of the house.  This idea is also true when highlighting the time, experience and precision it takes to turn out beautiful new woodwork.  A video of this helps our clients to visualize the process, understand the time requirements and see the end result come to life. This is much different than a picture of the completed room.

Embrace Current Technology

Many folks, especially those of us who have operated in one fashion for many years, are hesitant (or even downright against) utilizing new waves of operating. There is only one thing to say on this-you have to get over it! Technology, digital networking, and social media is how people are choosing to learn, communicate and understand what is available to them. It is essential that business owners adapt to the market, find customers in the way they want to be found, and leverage resources that can make monumental impact on their business.

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