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Is Cheap Paint Really That Bad?

You know the old saying “you get what you pay for”? Well, the same is true when it comes to the quality of paint. As major paint brands have expanded and increased the quality of their products, you may be shocked to see some higher price tags as well. While many of us are prone to ‘finding a deal’ or hunting down a bargain price, painting is not the place we would recommend skimping on quality in effort to save a few pennies, and here is why.

Sherwin Williams Emerald, High Quality Paint Product


You may not know the name, but you certainly know the effects of Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOC. These chemicals are released from many products, including paint, in the form of gases. You know they exist when you start feeling the physical side effects-such as headaches and throat irritation.

There are a number of research pieces describing the physical and environmental impact of VOCs, needless to say the painting industry is raising their standards and producing low VOC paints in response.

Paying for this paint will help reduce negative impacts to your interior air quality while you complete your project.

Mold/Stain Blocking

It is common for the best quality paints to contain agents that hinder the growth of mold and mildew.   This attribute makes these paints great for areas in which you will tend to find a more moist environment, such as bathrooms. Taking steps to lengthen the quality of your paint job is always worth the extra money, in our opinion.

Stain blocking capability goes hand in hand with the higher quality paint options.  This technology prevents stains from penetrating the surface and often keeps your paint finish from showing water marks.  If you choose to cut corners with your paint brand, you will not benefit from the advancement in stain blocking technology.

Durability and Coverage

Of the three reasons listed in this article, durability and coverage may be the most cut and dry reason to use a better quality paint.  Why tackle a home project if the work will need re-done time and time again?

At No Drip Painting we pride ourselves on being able to offer residential customers an annual 1 hour touch up on their paint job because normal wear is expected  (with even the highest of quality paint); however, if you choose cheap paint, far more touch-ups are going to be needed.

With an altered ratio of polymers/binders/water, higher quality paint allows for a more solid surface after painting and can even increase the visual aesthetics of the paint application.

No Drip Painting: Quality Products

No Drip Painting almost exclusively uses Sherwin William Products and we work to understand the benefits and limitations of their various paint lines.  Below are our most used products for residential clients.

Sherwin Williams SuperPaint is a great product for most all residential painting projects.  Due to it’s great coverage as a paint and primer, along with a high success rate in being able to hide surface blemishes and imperfections, we recommend this to most clients for both interior and exterior applications.

Sherwin Williams Emerald is becoming a quick favorite at No Drip Painting.  You can easily call this Sherwin Williams’ top line of  paint and it will surely not disappoint.  From the smooth application, durable finish and washable low-sheen options, Emerald is worth every bit of it’s price.

Sherwin Willams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel-there is no question that we recommend this product to clients wanting a high end, durable and outstanding finish on trim, base and doors. With incredible hardening technology (from the Urethane) and the ease of application, this is hands-down one of the best and longest-lasting products we use here at NDP.

Ensure Quality Results

Painting is an investment, no matter how small the project, so make sure to research your products of choice.  Ensure that every penny you put into your project is going to help achieve your intended results and last you for years to come.


Happy Painting!


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