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Limewashing Brick

Lime washing brick has been around for ages, but it is becoming more and more popular in the Columbus, Ohio area. Unlike paint, limewash penetrates the brick making it a very durable, long lasting option for your home. If you’re a fan of natural products then limewash would be an ideal choice because it does not contain chemicals like a normal paint.

Grove City, Ohio – Exterior

This Grove City, Ohio exterior painting project was a such huge transformation that the before pictures are almost unrecognizable. We pretty much painted this entire house. We masked the entire house off so we could spray the exterior. This included, the gutters and downspouts, garage door and the vinyl siding. To top it off we limewashed the brick with our favorite product from Romabio.

These particular clients were not sure if they wanted to paint the brick or to limewash the brick. We opted for limewash because they really wanted the distress, warn look for their brick. You can achieve the same look with paint, but limewash is much more durable because it allows the brick allowing the brick to breathe. There will be less upkeep with the lime wash and there won’t be any pealing or flaking in the future.

Paint verse Limewash

Is one better than the other? This is a question we get often and there is not a straightforward answer because it depends on what you are trying to accomplish. The benefits to a limewash is the product is breathable which allows moisture to escape. Since paint completely covers the surface it can seal moisture in resulting in chipping and pealing over time.

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