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Need A Painting Quote? Here’s What You Should Look For

So you have made the decision to hire a painter and you are ready to start the estimating phase, we have several tips for you to follow as you navigate this process. As you get started, be prepared to see painting quotes that vary greatly in cost, but know that price does NOT always equal quality. An estimate should be much more than just a number and should leave you feeling comfortable with every aspect of the painting project, from paint quality, to scheduling and timelines, to the final cost, even as far as follow up work and guarantees. Follow these suggestions as you receive and compare your quotes.

Brand of Paint

You know the old saying, you get what you pay for? Most of the time, I think that’s true when it comes to the quality of paint. I stay away from the real cheap brands and lines of paint because the paint often does not hold up and, can be messier when applying and, over time, does not end up looking as good. At an estimate I will likely talk through several lines of paint with the customer to get the feel for what outcome they are wanting, what price-range they have in mind and from there we make more concrete decisions.  We are primarily use and trust Sherwin Williams paint, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other great products out there!  One thing you will find with NDP though is that if we are extending a warranty on our work (especially exterior work) there is a standard level of paint we require the customer to use so we know there project is protected and long-lasting.

Number of Coats

The quote you receive needs to specifically state how many coats of paint your project will be getting. In most cases, I can tell if one coat will be enough coverage (typically only on a re-paint to match existing colors) or if it’s going to require multiple coats. I can make suggestions to my customer, but ultimately, I like to give them the choice and then we agree on the number of coats in writing.

Cost of Additional Coats

There are times when additional coats are needed. In this instance, it’s best for me and my customer to know upfront what the additional cost will be. Reviewing and understanding the estimate from the onset ensures that there are no surprises when its time to review the final invoice. It always works best when the customer makes their choice when having all the information.

Paint vs. Labor

Whenever possible, I provide my customers the cost of paint and the cost of labor so they can see the prices in individual line items. I think it’s important to be as transparent as possible in order to build a trusting relationship, after all, the best compliment is a referral and I believe that starts with trust.


Good companies stand behind their work. When a company offers a warranty it is a good indication that they will do the work right the first time and they will use not only products they trust, but products that are specifically designed for the scope of your project. When it comes to painting, if there are any issues, the question is – will the company supply the labor and materials to correct the problem without cost to you? If the answer is yes, then you have one more reason to believe they are reliable and the quote is worth considering.

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