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Paint Trends: Deep and Rich Does Not Equal Dark

It is always exciting to see where inspiration will lead color choices for the next round of popular paint picks.  We have seen in recent years everything from bright, bold colors (I mean who hasn’t seen turquoise take over front doors and every piece of painted furniture?) to the tv-inspired rush to lighten your whole house while adding just enough rustic wood to add a bit of warmth (this is still a personal favorite!)

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The question is, now that we have all made new paint choices, covered our walls in shiplap and salvaged copious amounts of reclaimed wood so that we were up to date on the last trend, what’s next?

Color Trends

It is still early in the year so only time will tell what trends take off and which would-be trends drip right away, but here is one good prediction: think deep, rich, full-bodied color! Now if those words all strung together make you feel like you are in a cave–or maybe even a dark, smoke-filled cigar lounge–you are wrong! Let’s take a look at a few examples of what those words really look like, they are beautiful statement colors that will evoke strong personality in your space.

Marigold, Benjamin Moore Marigold, Benjamin Moore


Shadow, Benjamin Moore Shadow, Benjamin Moore


Oceanside, Sherwin Williams Oceanside, Sherwin Williams


We have been obsessed with Oceanside by Sherwin Williams since we first saw it and it was a real springboard for our thinking that more rich tones would quickly be following in our client requests. See how this vibrant color really takes center stage in this room makeover.


How to Choose Color?

Are you starting to love the idea of this color range, but can’t envision how to bring that level of depth to your home? Here are a few recommendations we would leave you with.

  1. Consider rooms where there is a good balance of light to go with the depth of the color.
  2. Consider matching the heavier color on one wall with a whimsical and light wall paper to continue with the visual interest, but lighten the mood on other walls. (I don’t think we need to say it at this point, but-YES! wallpaper is definitely back in style.)
  3. Go for it! Paint the whole room in these jaw dropping colors, but be intentional about lightening up your furniture or bringing in accessories and throw blankets to add a balance of color and texture.
  4. Consider taking the shade of all your paint a step in a different direction.  These bold, heavy colors can look very strong and emit a high level of contrast if you go with traditional bright white base and trim work.  Consider going more of a cream, soft white or even pale grey on your woodwork to lessen the visual divide between the two.

We would love to see pictures if you take the risk and dive in to these beautiful shades of paint. Share with us on our Facebook page


Happy Painting!


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