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Recommendations On Sheen

Choosing a paint sheen might seem like a minor design consideration, especially when compared to choosing a color. But, the right sheen for a job involves an important visual and functional consideration.

For a more in-depth look at paint sheens here’s a link to the Shewrin Williams Sheen Guide:

Sheen Guide by Sherwin Williams

Interior Paint Sheens

Here are the No Drip Painting sheen(s) recommendations for interior painting.

  • Ceilings: Flat
  • Walls: Flat, Matte (or eggshell), Satin
  • Woodwork, Doors, Trim, Cabinets: Satin, Semi Gloss

Note: We only use high quality washable paints from Sherwin Williams. Even the flat paints we will use be washable (except ceiling paints) unless otherwise discussed.

Typically, you go 1-2 sheen levels higher from walls to woodwork. For example, if you put a flat or matte on your walls then we would suggest going with a Satin or Semi Gloss on your woodwork, doors, trim, built-ins, etc.

If you choose a Satin for your walls then most often we would choose a Semi Gloss for your woodwork.

What about Gloss?

A high gloss is an option, but needs to be used when it makes sense. If there is a design element that comes into play a high gloss paint might help accomplish the goal. No Drip Painting can help guide you when it comes to these type of decisions because a high gloss paint should only be used in special circumstances.

Exterior Paint Sheens

  • Facia, Soffits, Gutters, Downspouts: Low Luster, Satin
  • Stucco, Wood Siding, Vinyl Siding, Hardy Plank: Flat or Low Luster
  • Doors/Garage Doors: Low Luster, Satin
  • Shutters: Low Luster, Satin

Note: Most exterior paints do not come in Semi Gloss. Satin is the replacement for exterior paints only and it has a bit more shine than a “typical” satin you might be use to.


Currently, limewash only comes in one sheen which is flat. If you want more information on limewash here’s a link to our preferred product by Romabio:

Romabio Limewash

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