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Wallpaper Revival

Revival {an instance of something becoming popular, active, or important again}

When it comes to the wallpaper arena, the above definition pretty much sums it up.  Wallpaper is, and has been, making an astonishing comeback in the world of interior design over the last handful of years. You may think it is crazy after presumably spending hours and hours over the last decade tearing out the old 1980’s and 1990’s wall coverings that hugged your walls, but it is a whole new ballgame now. Wallpaper has become a better version of it’s old self; with that comes a new appearance, style and price.  Let’s take a look at the current wallpaper craze.

wallpaper install at salon in Columbus, OH. Short North Arts District.
Wallpaper Install, Short North, Columbus OH

Wallpaper Then

The 90’s were a set of years filled with interesting (yet in it’s time, popular) style choices.  From floral fabric coverings, to sponge painting, and, of course, a strong decade of wallpaper hanging. Not just wallpaper from floor to ceiling, but also borders printed with everything from teddy bears and bird houses, to good old fashioned Americana themes, the options were endless. The thing with this wallpaper is that it lacked the diversity you can find today.  Wallpaper was reasonably assumed to be a DIY project and homemakers were adding and changing borders and wall decor as their families grew and changed.  In today’s market, wallpaper has up-ed it’s game.

Wallpaper Now

To add to our vocabulary lesson in this article, why don’t we review the word ‘luxury’.

Luxury {the state of great comfort and extravagant living}.

Wallpaper has become a luxury addition to home remodeling and design packages in recent years.  Made of a variety of woven fabrics, vinyls and new-wave materials, wallpaper has an entire continuum of options for the residential or commercial consumer.  Beyond an expansion of material options, wallpaper design has amplified. From custom prints, hand painted pieces of true art, and bold designs, wallpaper can become the transformative element in a room’s design.

Install Pricing

With high-quality material options, detailed, repeating patterns and intricate designs that carry over between paper panels it is an easy declaration to call wallpaper installation a true craft.  The problem with the revival of the industry is that the install demand is much higher than the labor force to support it.

Wallpaper installers offer a great asset in their ability to calculate yardage, properly prepare surfaces, apply the correct adhesives and ensure a seamless appearance in the end; the only problem when it comes to your wallet is that this professional touch comes at a somewhat luxury rate.  With materials running easily $50,  $60, even $80 a yard, you then need to top that off with a calculation of $2.50-$5.00 a square foot for labor. Again, if you think of this as an investment in a space and allow wallpaper to be your statement piece, the impact can easily be worth the cost, but it is certainly a factor to consider before you get your heart set on the look.

If you go looking for a wallpaper installer, we always recommend doing your research. Many tips we give when choosing the right painter will also apply here.

We encourage you to go explore this revival if you haven’t already.  It is stylish, tasteful and full of custom designs to fit every style.


Happy Painting!



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