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Re-Imagine Your Workspace With Paint Color

If you are like most people, you spend a good deal of time at the office (or wherever it is that you call ‘work’). Whether it’s part-time, full-time, out of town, down the street, or in your home, there is somewhere you frequent to complete all kinds of personal and/or professional work. This space, if you were to imagine it right now, will elicit some sort of feeling in you. Are you excited by it? Do you feel accomplished when you are there? Does it make you happy? If the answer is no, it is time to re-imagine your workspace and paint color is a great place to start!

workplace colors
Painting, Industrial Workplace

Color Psychology

There is no shortage of research and information when it comes to the connection between color and mood.  It is likely common knowledge at this point that colors such as yellow, orange and red can energize, while shades of blue and green can calm.  Some colors make us excited and optimistic, while other shades may make us feel regal, relaxed or tranquil. The question is: how do you transfer this information over into the most one-of-a-kind and well suited workspace that is just right for you?


Question Yourself In Color

Before you start your design scheme, take some time to reflect on these questions.

  1. How do you currently feel when in your workspace?
  2. How do you want to feel when in your workspace?
  3. If you have clients/guests/customers, how do you want them to feel when in your space?
  4. Does the space reflect you and your brand?

As you answer these questions look around and begin associating current elements and colors with how the space functions currently, and begin identifying colors associated with the elements and emotions missing from your desired space.

Pink room. Choose colors that represent you.

Connect Color to your Brand

You want your space to reflect you or your brand (or the brand you are representing), while also being free of visual chaos and confusion. Accent walls, unique furniture and graphic signs are a great way to bring in the bold colors of your company.

Accent with Color

Let’s say your company color is yellow; it may be overwhelming to have rooms full of yellow walls, but if placed just in the right locations you reinforce a connection to your brand. With these strategically placed colors you can bring just enough energy and positivity to keep the space alive, without putting people on high alert and overwhelming their eyes.

Consider reaching out to a local commercial, business designer or interior designer to select statement pieces to bring in color and visual flow at your home or business workspace.

Don’t be Afraid of Contrast

Consider contrast when planning your new space and the message it can send. Colors opposite one another (or complimentary colors) on the color wheel play well together and can bring a sense of balance.  You may also consider areas of bold contrast to bring big impact, or to convey undoubtedly clear communication. Contrasting white words on a dark blue wall or putting accents of red against a white wall may simplify the self navigation process or hit a home-run in delivering your company motto.

Never Forget the Undertone

Never forget a color is not just a color. Not even white! When you head over to the paint store look at just how many ‘blue’ or ‘white’ or ‘gray’ options there really are.  Everything reduces all the way back down to a base color. You may not notice the differences when looking at paint chips in isolation, but when you put a ‘gray’ green next to a ‘brown’ green you will see exactly how different they are. Consider looking at curated color schemes to find colors that are designed to be visually pleasing when used together.

workplace painting, red and black contrast
Local gym energized by red paint, contrasted with black ceilings.

Create Expectation Across Spaces

Start by identifying the purpose of each space you are working to re-design.  If you are lucky enough to work in a building with multiple functions, areas and meeting spaces, you have the opportunity to diversify your color palette while also bringing continuity and expectation. Going with a multi-color palette or having color tone variations for different spaces can bring a fresh feel to each space.  For example, if blue is your color of choice, try a bold blue in a casual, drop-in meeting space, while toning it down as accent walls in your employee offices.  You could even use blue with a contrasting color (yellow) to bring a fresh and joyful feel to your company break room. By changing the emotional feel as employees travel through your building you set expectation for the use of each space, both serious and fun.

Get Painting and Re-Imagine with Color

Even though the dream is for your job to never feel like ‘work’, sometimes it is just that, but your space does not have to be boring or sad. Take some time to make your space feel like you, reflect the energy you need while working, and motivate you to do your best work.

We would love to see some of your beautifully re-imagined work spaces. Tag us on Facebook or email your photos to

Happy Painting!



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