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Your Interior Project – What To Expect

Thank you for partnering with No Drip Painting! We want you to have the best experience when working with our team. Listed below are some expectations for your project.

Starting Your Project

Tentative Start Date: We’ve provided you with a tentative start date, but this date only tentative based on when you made your deposit – this date could change. Here are things that can affect your start date:

  • Color(s): we must have this information 5-7 days (at minimum) prior to selecting an “official” start date.
  • Paint Shortage: there is a major paint shortage and this can cause serious delays.
  • Weather: due to the ever changing and unpredictable Ohio weather this makes staying on schedule difficult at times – especially early or late into our exterior season.

Exact Start Date: Our Production Manger will be in touch to nail down an exact start date/time – don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about you, but sometimes we can’t pinpoint exactly when our projects are going to wrap up. We want our teams to take their time and not rush.

Quality Takes Time: We want our team to be 100% focused on your project, therefore, they will fully complete their current project before starting a new project. This also means we not pull our team from your project and move them to another project just because of a scheduled start date.

Schedule Delays: If there are schedule delays we will notified you as soon as possible. We know delays can be frustrating – we promise it will be worth the wait!

During the Project

We instruct our teams to be neat, clean and courteous at all times while working in and around your space. Here are some things you can expect to take place during your project.

  • Questions or Concerns: If you have any questions or concerns the best person to speak with is our Production Manager. Our teams do not always have the communication skills or the detailed information needed to assist you. However, the sole purpose of our Production Mangers is to ensure we are meeting your expectations so reach out at any point.
  • Yard Signs: We will place a sign in your yard, however, we will be happy to remove it at your request. For a small business, these signs generate leads that keep our teams working and producing – Thank you for your support!
  • Materials/Tools: It is common for us to leave our materials and tools at the job site. We will try to leave them in an inconspicuous, safe place. If you have any suggestions or preference on where this should be we are happy to oblige.
  • Accidents Happen: We believe we are the best in the business, but this does not free us from accidents or mistakes. We value our customers and whole-heartedly promise we will make it right. Just partner with us and we work together to satisfy your request.

After the Project

Now your project has been completed and you’re loving the outcome are some top items on our agenda.

  • Payment: Final payment is due at the completion of your project. You will receive an invoice close to the time of completion for you to review. Once the project is complete you can make your final payment.
  • Walk-Through: Our Production Manger will do a walk-through to ensure we are meeting our quality standards. If any point you want to have a one-on-one walk through just reach out to your Production Manger and they will schedule this with you.
  • Touch Ups: If the walk-through reveals needed touch ups we will promptly complete these requests. Touch ups are not uncommon and we promise we will make sure it looks amazing!
  • Left over Paint: We will leave left over paint with you for touch ups.
  • Color Sheet: Soon after your project is complete you will receive a Color Sheet listing the type of paint, color, and sheen for your records.
  • Leave a Review: The growth of our small business heavily relies on social media reviews such as Google and Facebook. If you feel so inclined to leave us a glowing review we will be forever grateful! (
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