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How Do I Pick a Paint Color?

Picking a paint color is no easy chore! At No Drip Painting we find that many of our clients don’t know where to start when picking a new color. They are even more overwhelmed by the idea of selecting the wrong shade, wrong tone, or altogether wrong color and stress about not loving their new investment. Go ahead and relax, there is hope! Start by exploring these few style ideas and design tips when picking your next paint color and allow yourself to enjoy the process of painting.

Best color for a master bedroom

Selecting an Interior Paint Color

If you can start to narrow down your design style, or at least design preferences (if you don’t want to go as far as labeling yourself with a ‘style’) you can seriously begin to narrow in on color options that speak to you.  Take a look below at a few style categories and correlating color ideas.


If you are someone that swoons over the breathtaking mediterranean seasides and the lavish towns that set atop oceanside cliffs, this may be the style direction for you. Common color selections would reflect the seaside lifestyle; think crystal clear water, cloudless blue skies, terra cotta roofs and bright sunshine.  If you can picture that image, what it really translates to is: blues, yellows, oranges, and earth tones.  Find below a few color selections that would accompany your Mediterranean inspired home.

Sherwin Williams, Yarrow

Sherwin Williams, Blue Cruise

Sherwin Williams, Rookwood Terra Cotta


Classic, elegant, and regal, yet comfortable. If these words speak to the feel you desire for your home perhaps you are a bit more on the traditional side. Fitted with a good number of neutrals and accented with statement jewel tones or rich hues of the primary colors, a traditional feel can fit for many homeowners. You can take ‘traditional’ very literally and stick to color palettes seen in historic homes or you can go a bit more modern and elevate the tone of your primary colors. Check out these traditional color picks.

Classic Traditional

Sherwin Williams, Sand Beach

Sherwin Williams, Indigo Batik

Sherwin Williams, Antique Red

Modern Traditional

Sherwin Williams, Tricorn Black

Sherwin Williams, Quilt Gold

Sherwin Williams,  Stop


One final color palette that is bright, eclectic and full of all the fun and inspiring patterns is the inviting Bohemian style. If you think this style may speak right to your heart, you will want to start with some base grays and neutrals and then start splashing in colors such as dense and rich purples, bright oranges and a variety of pinks.  Below is a little Bohemian inspiration.

Sherwin Williams, Plummy

Sherwin Williams, First Star

Sherwin Williams,  Irresistible

Sherwin Williams, Raucous Orange

Designer Tip

One last suggestion when trying to narrow down your color selection: consider calling a local interior designer and asking what their hourly charge is.  At No Drip Painting we have partnered with local designers and are thrilled to offer our residential clients complimentary color consultations.  While all painting companies may not have such a thing, we are confident that many designers would be happy to help you–just know upfront what their hourly consultation fee is!  A quick meeting with an expert can go a long way in spring-boarding your own ideas and preferences.

If you need a bit more support in finding the right feel, check out our article on color and moods. Pick colors that accentuate your personal style, the emotion you want in your space and ultimately-make you happy.

Happy Painting!


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